Carlo Cooper

Manager - North America

Carlo brings leadership, software knowledge and tailings expertise to Minebridge. He completed a B.Eng (Civil) at the Queensland University of Technology and M.EngSc (Research) at the University of Queensland, both in Brisbane, Australia. With experience as a geotech engineer in Australia, Canada, & Papua New Guinea, Carlo has been specializing in tailings planning since in 2003.

Carlo spent two years pursing a PhD in rock mass characterization from drilling, including experimental work on a laboratory drill rig before returning to Canada. Upon his return to Canada he refocused on working on tailings projects around the world. Carlo had the opportunity to use a variety of software planning and modeling tools during his education and early career and realized he had the technology and industry experience to develop improved 3d modeling tools that would make tailings planning far more efficient than the tools that were currently available. As a user of the modeling tools it was important that they were fast, functional, and user friendly.

Meet our Team

Ged Suter

Manager - Australia

For the past 10 years Ged’s focus has been on the investigation, design, construction and monitoring of tailings storage facilities around the world, from the high rainfall and seismic regions of South East Asia and the Pacific, to the arid and extreme climates of mining operations located in remote desert locations. With extensive involvement in particular mine and tailings projects (some from conceptual design through to commissioning and operation) he has gained valuable knowledge and experience in the complexities and management of tailings deposition and storage, critical to the successful and efficient operation of mine waste facilities.

Ged brings a great deal of practical experience to MineBridge. He completed his BEng (Hones) at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and has been a geotechnical engineer consulting to the mining and construction industries for the past 20 years.

Miguel Palape

Manager - South America

Miguel obtained both his Civil Engineering degree and his M.Eng (geotechs) at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, in Santiago. He has worked as tailings engineer since 2007, developing projects in Chile, Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Australia.  As a tailings disposal specialist, his experiences span from conventional slurry disposal to thickened tailings deposits. He has presented at international tailings conferences, organized workshops and training for engineers, and as part of his experience he has worked with various 3d modelling software products to project and design tailing dams.  Muck3D’s unique, powerful platform allows him to assist clients in order for them to develop tailings planning more effectively and efficiently, leading to better operations and cost savings.