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Troubleshoot - Error with License Shutting down

Resolve Muk3D shutdown errors caused by multiple licenses. Learn to identify and remove expired licenses for smooth performance, but be careful not to remove valid evaluation licenses.

If you're experiencing an error message such as the one below, with Muk3D then shutting down, it may be that you have multiple Muk3D licenses installed on your computer.

The issue will often arise after using Evaluation/Demo/Training licenses.  If you run (in Catapult) Licensing >> Show connected licenses you can see how many different CodeMeter licenses are installed locally. The example below just shows a single license (serial #).

If you have multiple licenses (e.g. old demo licenses), then you will need to remove any that are expired.  This can be done using (in Catapult) Licensing >> Remove evaluation licenses.

Check the licenses that you want to remove, and then confirm their removal.

If you have a valid evaluation license that you want to retain, be careful not to remove it. Once a license has been removed it can not be reinstalled.


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