Learning Resources

Whether you are starting out or an experienced user, we support your experience and provide a range of solutions to continuously learn about Muk3D.


Find below about our various learning resources 

Self-service support


Our Youtube Channel

We have a range of tutorials and a dedicated section to scripting on our support website. 




Whether you're a new user or an experienced Muk3D user, we offer a range of training courses to help sharpen your skills and improve your productivity.  Our introductory courses can jump-start new users and get you up and running in no time.  Experienced Muk3D users can learn more about automation with Python or integration with GoldSim and Excel.

We offer open training sessions available to all users and can provide more targeted in-house training for our clients and work with your project data.



We can provide assistance for your project when you don't have time or in-house expertise to develop your own models. From setting up models and processing datasets to the execution of models, our experienced tailings planners and designers can help fill the gaps in your team.

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