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Software & Licensing Installation

We have a list of resources to assist you with your installation and licensing. Select your software and license type below.

In order to complete the installation on a user computer, you will need top install the following:

  • Codemeter

  • Catapult

  • Muk3D

You can download the latest installers from our Download section. Once downloaded, install them on the user machine.


Find below resources to support the software and license installation for your product.


User-Locked License

Installing Muk3D

Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1(x64) runtime, CodeMeter, Catapult, and Muk3D for new users, and for existing users, ensure software is up-to-date, and manage licensing as instructed, with Muk3D accessible from Catapult in Start/MineBridge Software/Catapult.

Requesting a Temporary Muk3D License

Request a temporary Muk3D license via Catapult by running Licensing/Request evaluation license, then install the received license by dragging and dropping it onto Catapult, and contact Muk3D support ( if you encounter any issues.

Removing an evaluation license

To remove an expired evaluation license causing issues with Muk3D, you can use Catapult by running Licensing/Remove evaluation license. Select the license to remove (note that removal is permanent) and confirm. Alternatively, use CodeMeter Control Center to locate and remove the license, or as a last resort, use the CodeMeter Command Prompt

Troubleshoot - Error with License Shutting down

Resolve Muk3D shutdown errors caused by multiple licenses. Learn to identify and remove expired licenses for smooth performance, but be careful not to remove valid evaluation licenses.

Get Started

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