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Installing a Formation License

This page guides users through installing a Muk3D Formation license and troubleshooting potential issues.

Install the license container

You will have either been sent a license container (Muk3D-Formation.wbb) or it can be downloaded from the bottom of this page (

To install it in CodeMeter, either drag and drop onto the CodeMeter Control Center or run File/Import license in CodeMeter Control Center.

Generate a license request

In CodeMeter Control Center, click Activate License.

Follow the steps in the wizard to create a license request.

Note the location and name of the file generated.  It will be in c:/users/<your-user-name> and will have the extension .WibuCmRaC

Installing the license update

A license file will be emailed back with the extension .Catapult.  Save this file to the desktop and drag/drop onto Catapult. Confirmation dialogs will pop up stating that the license was installed correctly. The license will be installed and you will be able to open Formation. 


If the installation of the Catapult license is unsueccessful, error messages will be shown in a dialog box. If this happens please take a screencapture of the error and contact

Download ZIP • 623B


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