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Conceptualize.  Analyze. Visualize.


Your time is precious and your budgets are limited.  The Muk3D Suite of software helps you save time and money by significantly increasing your productivity, allowing you to work through tasks in a fraction of the time required by any other modelling tools.


Take your ideas and turn them into 3D models quickly.  Muk3D helps you create a range of earth structures (dams, dumps, excavations, berms, etc.) quickly so you can focus on the larger picture rather than how to make the software do what you want.


Whether you're looking at siting studies, design optimization, or operational support, the tools in Muk3D help to rapidly get you the answers you need to evaluate the suitability of sites, designs, or operational plans.


Creating a concept and determining its viability are crucial, but it is just as important for you to be able to communicate your ideas to your colleagues, owners, regulatory authorities, and the public effectively.  Muk3D comes with a range of tools to incorporate aerial photography and thematic overlays, which you use to make great static images or animations.  Data from Muk3D can be used to create 3D prints, exported to other modelling tools for further processing, or incorporated into Virtual Reality platforms.

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Streamline key aspects of your
TSF design and operation


Fast, simple 3D design

Accessible 3D modelling for users of all skill levels with Muk3D Formation


TSF Operational Support

Incorporate monitoring and survey data to better replicate the behaviour of a TSF and develop realistic plans



Create high-quality visuals to better communicate your designs and ideas clearly


Conceptual TSF Design

Rapid TSF sizing and facility layout with Muk3D Tailings+


TSF runout

Fast, high-level assessment of potential runout scenarios from a TSF failure


GoldSim & Excel interface

Incorporate 3D modelling into your simulations by integrating GoldSim models or Excel spreadsheets


Develop Staging Plans

Create long and short-range plans to help with your business planning


GISTM compliance

Comply with Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management recommendations


Customisation with Python

Record macros & tweak them to quickly create custom workflows using the power of Python

Compare & Choose the solution that fits you and your team's needs

While our flagship product has been Muk3D|Tailings+, the Muk3D Suite has grown over the years to include various software and add-ons that can help you meet your specific needs.

The entry-level version is Muk3D|Formation and is tailored toward engineers and civil designers. It allows you to quickly design a range of earth design structures but does not include the tailings design toolkit in Muk3D|Tailings+.

For simplified dambreak modelling, Muk3D|Dambreak can help you quickly see the impacts of a sunny-day dam failure.

Automate your tailings planning by adding the Muk3D|Simulation module and connecting to Excel or GoldSim simulations.

Muk3D Formation
Muk3D Dambreak
Muk3D Tailings+
Muk3D Simulation (add-on)
Data Import Tools
CAD Editing Tools
Dynamic Models
Tailings Planning Toolkit
Dambreak Modelling
Unlimited Technical Support
Python Scripting
Goldsim Interface
Excel Spreadsheet Interface
See how Muk3D can help you
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