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We're engineers who've been where you are

At Minebridge, we understand the frustration that comes with using software that isn't optimized for your specific engineering needs. As engineers ourselves, we found that most 3D modeling tools on the market simply didn't make it easy to do our jobs. It often felt like we were fighting against the software, wasting valuable time and money in the process.

That's why we created Muk3D, a powerful platform designed specifically for engineers and designers that saves time, reduces headaches, and ultimately saves you money. Our team combines insight and experience to create software that works for you, rather than against you.

We're  a software and solutions company here to provide you with richer environments and clearer pictures to work in and share with decision-makers. Our software is designed to help you save time and costs in the short term, mitigate risks in the long term, and avoid doing all the redundant, time-consuming tasks that other software often requires.

Join the hundreds of engineers and designers who have made the switch to Muk3D and experience the difference for yourself.

Meet Our team


Carlo Cooper
North America

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Carlo brings leadership, software knowledge and tailings expertise to Minebridge. He completed a B.Eng (Civil) at the Queensland University of Technology and M.EngSc (Research) at the University of Queensland, both in Brisbane, Australia. With experience as a geotech engineer in Australia, Canada, & Papua New Guinea, Carlo has been specializing in tailings planning since 2003.

After being asked to perform slope stability analysis one too many times, Carlo started the development of what would eventually become Muk3D. 

After several more years as an independent tailings planner, providing services to consulting and mining companies globally, Carlo's focus became the further development of Muk3D which was released commercially in 2011.

Since then, Carlo's focus has been on ensuring that Muk3D meets the needs of tailings professionals in all sorts of consulting and operating environments, training of thousands of Muk3D end users, and supporting our clients as they apply Muk3D to all sorts of tailings and non-tailings projects.


Ged Suter

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Ged has over 25 years experience in civil and geotechnical engineering, with the last 18 years concentrated on the investigation, design, construction and monitoring of tailings storage facilities. He has worked in various places around the globe, from high rainfall and seismic regions of South East Asia and the Pacific, to the arid and extreme climates of operations in remote desert locations.

Ged joined MineBridge in 2014 bringing a great deal of practical experience to the team, and today leads our operations in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region where he gained most of his practical experience. Through this he has gained valuable knowledge in the complexities and management of tailings deposition and storage, critical to the successful and efficient operation of mine waste facilities, from coarse hard rock tailings to coal washings and bauxite residue (red mud). He assists clients in the setup and use of our various software products, provides technical support and training, and also undertakes tailings modelling and planning projects for external clients.

Ged completed his B.Eng (Hons) in Civil Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia, in 1994. He is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and is a Member of the Institute of Engineers, Australia (MIEAust).


Miguel Palape
South America

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Miguel has more than 15 years of experience working as a geotech and mine waste disposal engineer, developing projects in various countries such as Chile, Peru, Brasil,  South Africa, and Australia.


As a tailings specialist, his experiences span from conventional slurry disposal to thickened tailings deposits, including dam break analysis. He has presented at international tailings conferences, organized workshops and training for engineers, and worked with various 3d modelling software products to project and design tailing dams.  Muck3D’s unique, powerful platform allows him to assist clients in order for them to develop tailings planning more effectively and efficiently, leading to better operations and cost savings.

In parallel, Miguel has conserved his interest and participation in collaborative projects with a focus in cultural transformation and ecosystems regeneration where concepts of circular economy, biomimicry, geomimicry and mining can be integrated.

Miguel obtained both his Civil Engineering degree and his M.Eng (geotechs) at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, in Santiago.


Simon Ogude-Chambert
Africa & Europe

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Simon brings extensive simulation modeling expertise to MineBridge. A Water Resources Engineer by training, he has specialized in Goldsim simulation applied to a broad range of projects (engineering, mine and water resources & environmental). He's worked on dozens of tailings water management projects across Africa (e.g., Ghana, DRC, Zambia, South Africa) before joining MineBridge.

His experience with a broad range of modeling & visualization tools brings a systematic capacity to build informative models rapidly. Simon has worked on numerous site wide mine & tailings water management projects at all stages of life bringing an astute understanding of managing water and solids at different scales. 

He holds a MEng Hydraulics from ENSEEIHT Toulouse, France and a MSc Environmental Management from Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

We work together to develop innovative solutions that meet our clients' unique needs, while also providing customer support throughout the process. Our support team is available to assist our clients every step of the way, providing effective solutions to any issues that may arise.

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We are proud to serve the biggest names in the mining and consulting industry. Our clients have trusted us with their critical projects, and we have delivered top-quality solutions that meet their unique needs. From leading mining companies to renowned consulting firms, our expertise has helped them achieve their goals and improve their bottom line. We understand the importance of delivering reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions, and our track record speaks for itself.

Join our roster of satisfied clients and experience the difference with Muk3D.

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