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Muk3D|Simulation is an add-on module for any Muk3D version that provides a simple-to-use interface between Muk3D and other packages commonly used for numerical simulation - Excel & Goldsim.

Incorporate 3D modelling in your GoldSim models, or create a mass-balance driven deposition model from your Excel models.

Leveraging the powerful Python scripting language, users can take data from Excel or GoldSim, run 3D modelling, and return relevant results back for incorporation in the simulation.



Run deposition sequences quickly

Once a Muk3D|Simulation model has been integrated with your Excel mass-balance spreadsheet, running a simulation or scenario is quick and easy. 

Quickly understand the operational impact of deposition decisions, or see how changes in input parameters impact the short & long-term behaviour of your tailings area.


Run what-if scenarios with ease

Muk3D|Simulation doesn't have to be used for running sequential models.  A model could be set up to run the same model with a range of input parameters fed from an Excel spreadsheet.

Build a range of dams, of varying heights, crest widths, slopes, locations, and get feedback on storage volumes, fill volumes, and footprint areas. 


Run Sensitivity Analysis for Tailings Planning

For technical and time reasons among others, the traditional tailings planning approach has been deterministic, assuming fix input values while often ignoring uncertainty in both knowledge and randomness of the system.


With the capability of Muk3D to rapidly run tailings depositions, these limitations can now be bypassed. With the Muk3D Simulation Add-On, Muk3D can use the power of Goldsim in representing uncertainty using distributions to dynamically simulate tailings deposition and sequencing.


This approach brings a more sensible approach to tailings planning and allows for the quantification of risks.


Add realism to GoldSim models

Generally, when tailings storage facilities are modelled in GoldSim, they are represented as a series of 2D lookup tables, an inverted cone, or other non-realistic ways.  Muk3D|Simulation allows for incorporating a 3D representation of a tailings area within the GoldSim model. 

For example, relevant data (deposition volumes, pond volumes) are sent to Muk3D at pre-determined timesteps from GoldSim.  Muk3D can take this information, deposit the tailings, and then return to GoldSim the beach elevations, pond elevations, pond surface, catchment areas, and storage-elevation curves to incorporate within the GoldSim modelling.

The result is a model that realistically captures the 3D behaviour of the tailings storage area and gives results that have some basis in how the tailings area actually functions.



Simulation of TSFs in GoldSim

Represent a TSF in a GoldSim model as a 3D entity rather than 2D approximations.

Core Features

Create Excel Interface

Easily create interface that defines inputs and outputs from/to Excel.

Include Uncertainty in your tailings planning

Run Monte-Carlo simulations in Goldsim using distributions to represent uncertainty in data and in the randomness of the system. Turn your planning into a risk model.

Create Goldsim Interface

Create your own custom DLL directly from Muk3D and easily integrate GoldSim with Muk3D.

Run Sensitivity Analysis

Let GoldSim run your models multiple times, systematically sampling each variable over a specified range, while holding all of the other variables constant to assess sensitivity in your input parameters.

Send Storage vs Elevation curves back to GoldSim

Muk3D can send decimals, 1-D arrays, and 1-D lookup tables back to GoldSim, so your simulation can use storage-elevation curves developed from the 3D model.

More Info

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