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This is your ideal companion for efficient design of earth structures.

At a very affordable price, Muk3D|Formation is the perfect tool for Engineers & Designers who want to efficiently design earth structures, quantify volumes associated with their designs, and communicate with stakeholders.

With a simple-to-use design and robust set of tools, it makes any project easy, from processing & visualisation of large datasets to high-level sizing & volumetrics of earth structures. Even if you’re just making great-looking visuals for reports, Muk3D|Formation lets you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time associated with other civil or mine design tools.



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Rapid 3D design

Instead of using cumbersome CAD programs, use the fit-for-purpose tools in Muk3D|Formation to enable you to get results in a fraction of the time. Easily import data from various sources and create grids and surfaces in minutes. Use advanced design and visualization tools that allow you to quickly create and edit lines, triangulated surfaces, grids and create contours, cross sections, and volume calculations.


Seamlessly build dynamic models that allow for interactive design and sizing of structures.


Powerful tools in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Muk3D|Formation boasts a gradual and short learning curve, so beginners become experts in the shortest time possible.


Easily move data back and forth to CAD and GIS. Complement existing workflows by doing a quick design or calculation and export the results back into your preferred detail design tool, or create a range of earth structures and build basic dynamic models that update themselves when input data/parameters are changed. Simplify tasks using workspace customisation to show only the commands needed for the task at hand. All with complete help sections, tutorials, training and support.


Create stunning visuals

Import and manipulate airphotos, merge image tiles and add new elements to photos. Use better images, including colours, textures, elevation shading, airphotos and isopachs.


Create great-looking images to effectively display earth structures to users, stakeholders and the public.

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Automate your workflow with Python

Muk3D allows users to record macros and write their own scripts using Python.  With minimal knowledge of Python, create time-saving tools of your own to automate all aspects of the design process.  Run sensitivity analysis while your dam sizing, post-process results to summarise and export data, or interface with other programs such as Excel and Powerpoint.

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Large dataset manipulation

Import large topographic models in a range of formats and quickly turn them into usable models.  2 billion points in a geotiff height map? That’s no problem for Muk3D Formation.

Core Features

Data Import & Gridding Tools

Import data from a wide range of sources and turn into grids/surfaces in minutes

Build Structures

Create a range of structures (dams, dumps, embankments, excavations) quickly & easily

Airphoto Editing

Import & manipulate air photos, merge image tiles, add new elements to photos

Automate Processes with Python

Save time and automate complex processes. Record Macros, adapt the recorded Python script and automate your processes.

CAD Import/Export

Import/export files to/from CAD using DWG files

Basic Dynamic Models

Models that update themselves when input data/parameters are changed. The basic dynamic models include dams and ponds

Create Great Images

Define different visual styles to apply to different elements including colours, textures, elevation shading, airphotos, isopachs

3D CAD Tools

Comprehensive toolkit for creating and editing lines, triangulated surfaces, and grids. Volume calculations, create contours, cross sections annotate data, and query geometry

Zonation Calculations

Create zones within a dam cross section and calculate volumes rapidly

Pond & Surface Water Hydrology

Delineate watersheds, calculate areas vs elevation for watersheds, storage-elevation-liner area curves, flood routing through ponds

More Info

To find out more about how Muk3D can work for you, or to request a quote get in touch with us.

For more information about licensing options, follow the link below.

See the differences between the versions of Muk3D, and to decide which is the right fit for you.

Have some questions? Want to chat about how Muk3D can help you ? Just send us a message and we'll get back to you.

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