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Training courses

Whether you're just starting out, or an experienced Muk3D user, our training courses can sharpen your skills

We offer a range of training courses to help sharpen your skills and improve your productivity.  Our introductory courses can jump-start new users and get you up and running in no time.  Experienced Muk3D user can learn more about automation with Python or integration with GoldSim and Excel.

We offer open training sessions, available to all users, and can provide more targeted in-house training for our clients and work with your project data.

Courses Available

See below for our upcoming training events open to any Muk3D user.  If you're looking for in-house training for your organisation, tell us more about your needs and you can directly request a quote below. 

Upcoming Training Events

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Course Descriptions

Introduction to Muk3D for tailings planning

Level - Novice

This course is aimed at teaching tailings planners how to use Muk3D for a range of tailings planning tasks.

  • Data import

  • Creating surfaces and grids.

  • Basic structure design.

  • Dam zonation modelling

  • Working with satellite imagery

  • Basic hydrology tools (watersheds, flood routing)

  • Waste dump sizing

  • Introduction to tailings modelling

  • Conceptual design of TSFs

  • A short introduction to macros.

On day 2, the focus will be tailings planning, including:

  • Staging plans with automated dam raising.

  • Starter dam sizing.

  • Modelling different tailings technologies and TSF configurations.

  • Integration with water balance model.


Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to import datasets (LIDAR, CAD, etc) and create surfaces for modelling in Muk3D.

  • Understanding of the rules relating to the gridding of surfaces (what makes a grid accurate, what is practical).

  • Basic understanding of the tools in Muk3D and have enough knowledge to either use the help or ask good questions to Support.

  • Solid understanding of the deposition models, how they can be applied to different situations, and the limitations of geometric deposition modelling.

  • Understanding of how to use the tools in Muk3D to improve communication of designs and concepts with colleagues, supervisors, and clients. .

Python scripting for Muk3D

Level - Intermediate

This training course is focused on the development of Python scripts within Muk3D with the goal of automating many common design tasks.  Muk3D has a module called Muk3D|Simulation that allows users to interact with GoldSim and Excel in a simple way.  This interaction is heavily dependent on writing scripts that tell Muk3D what to do when it gets information, and then return appropriate information back to GoldSim or Excel for each timestep or design option.

Topics include

  • Introduction to Python

  • Linking Muk3D to GoldSim and Excel models.

  • Automating staging plans and undertaking sensitivity analyses.

  • Creating reusable libraries and integrating 3rd party Python libraries.



Users for this course are expected to have competency in Muk3D and preferably have used it for developing tailings plans using Muk3D|Tailings+. No prior experience in Python is required, but its beneficial if participants have had some basic programming/scripting experience and understand basic programming concepts (loops, conditional statements, classes). 

Learning Outcomes

By the conclusion of the course, participants will have enough understanding to go and start applying the concepts to their own projects. 

Customised training

All Levels

For some users, there is more value to be gained by working with client project data, or modelling site specific situations. For those cases we are happy to create custom training courses to meet these needs.


For more information please contact your Muk3D agent, or email us at

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