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Scheduling and volumetric modelling of tailings areas can be a very painful experience using traditional tools like spreadsheet models, CAD, and mine design packages, often producing oversimplified solutions and typically requiring substantial time to get results.

Muk3D|Tailings+ provides the best modelling and tailings solutions, including a comprehensive toolkit for modelling a wide range of tailings facilities, both dry and with water.

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Rapid conceptual design of TSFs

The tools in Muk3D|Tailings+ complement those available in Muk3D|Formation and allow users to quickly build dam walls, and then estimate tailings capacity for a range of tailings properties, pond configurations, and deposition configurations. No matter what sort of TSF you're looking to model, the tools in Muk3D|Tailings+ can help you get your job done quickly.


Tailings staging made easy

As you develop tailings staging plans, Muk3D|Tailings+ helps you do incremental dam raising, pour tailings, and manage the pond.  Whether you're supporting short-range operations, mid-range business planning, or life-of-mine plans, Muk3D|Tailings+ will help you achieve this rapidly and provide information that can be used to support your decision-making process.


Create informative visuals

Share tailings plans with colleagues, operations, or other stakeholders with visual representations of your tailings plans.  Visually show active areas of tailings operations over time, and highlight target beach and pond elevations.


Model any type of tailings facility

Muk3D|Tailings+ can simulate virtually any type of TSF configuration, deposition or water management strategies, and operational methodologies. 

Bring a sense of realism to your TSF model by fitting your design beach slopes to survey data, ensuring that your forward predictions match operating history as closely as possible.


Parameter calibration

Run historical tailings volumes and deposition points through Muk3D|Tailings+ to help calibrate/verify assumptions such as tailings dry density and beach slopes.

Core Features

All the features of Muk3D|Formation & Dambreak

All the tools in Muk3D|Formation and Muk3D|Dambreak are included with Muk3D|Tailings+.

Wide range of deposition models for any deposition scenario

Whether youre modelling spigot lines, end dumps, central thickjened discharge or down-valley deposition, there are a wide range of deposition tools that can either be used to calculate tailings capacity or beach elevations for any conceivable deposition scheme.

Beach slope estimation

Powerful sectioning and curve-fitting tools make it easy to generate beach slopes representative of what is observed in the field, helping maintain the realism of the deposition modelling.

Incremental dam raising

The dam templating tools in Muk3D|Tailings+ allow users to raise the dam progressively as tailings staging plans are executed. Estimate required construction volumes for each lift, simulate cyclone construction, and model dams with many cross-section profiles are their perimeter

Pond models

Muk3D Tailings+ includes a range of pond models that can simulate any pond management strategy, ensuring the way your tailings deposition plans are developed reflect how you operate.

More Info

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