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Focus on what matters with tools that help you achieve your goals.


Easy, Fast, Efficient.



Ideal for Engineers and Civil Designers

This software is your cost-effective 3D earth structures modelling solution. Design rapidly, quantify volumes, and create amazing visuals.  


Accessible, Simplified, Dambreak Assessment

High-level dambreak modelling for sunny-day failures.  Included with Muk3D|Tailings+.



Ideal for Tailings Engineers & Operators

Take control with the very best tailings modeling and planning solutions. Including all capabilities of Muk3D|Formation, this software allows you to rapidly carry out conceptual design and detailed tailings planning. 

Muk3D|Simulation (Add-On)

Ideal for Risk-Based Approach to Tailings Planning

This Add-On turns your tailings planning model into risk assessment tools that quantify risk and identify best opportunities. Create your own simulations connecting Muk3D with Excel spreadsheets or Goldsim simulation software.


Compare features for our Products

Find below our software comparison table, where you can easily compare the features of our software products side by side. 

Muk3D Formation
Muk3D Dambreak
Muk3D Tailings+
Muk3D Simulation (Add-On)
Data Import Tools
CAD Editing Tools
Dynamic Models
Tailings Planning Toolkit
Dambreak Modelling
Unlimited Technical Support
Python Scripting
Excel Spreadsheet Interface
Goldsim Interface

Licensing options to match your usage requirements

Each license type determines the usage rights and restrictions of the software. Carefully review the license options and select the one that best fits your needs. 

User-Locked Licenses

A user-locked licenses provides access to the software for a 12 months period.  These licenses are locked to named users and cannot be shared between multiple users.

Network License

Network licenses can be shared between any number of users, with  simultaneous users dependent on the number of concurrent licenses purchased.  These licenses are great for companies that have a distributed tailings planning team.

Single User
USB License

USB licenses are ideal for when a license will be used by a single user or several users within the same office or site


If your modelling needs are infrequent, the rental option allows you to access the software when needed, with a minimum rental period of 1 month. 


Contact us for more details on available configurations.


Availability of Licenses

In the table below, you will find which types of licenses are available for each of our software products.

Muk3D Formation
Muk3D Dambreak
Muk3D Tailings+
Muk3D Simulation (add-on)
Annual User-Locked License
Anual Licenças User-Locked
Usuário Único Licença USB
USB Single User License
Network Single/Multi-User License
Licença de Rede
Single/Multi-User Rental

Looking to get a quote for our software product? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with pricing and any additional information you may need. Thank you for your interest!

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