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If you are taking snapshots in any view except plan view (after a view reset), it will be virtually impossible to return to the same camera location to take a series of snapshots of different images and not have them misaligned. 

In Muk3D you can save view locations and return to them at a later time, so that each screen-capture is from the same vantage point.

Set the 3D view to be your preferred viewpoint and then run View >> Viewpoints >> Save current viewpoint.

Enter a name for the view location and press OK.  Now, if you reset the view, you can return to this location using either the toolbar dropdown menu.

or by using the command View >> Viewpoints >> Restore viewpoint. This will bring up a list of saved viewpoints from which you can select the desired location to return to.

Currently viewpoints should be restored using the same vertical exaggeration that was used when they created. If a viewpoint was created at a different vertical exaggeration, when its restored at a different vertical exaggeration the results will not be as expected.

Save & restore viewpoints

In Muk3D, users can save specific view locations to ensure consistent snapshot angles. By setting a preferred 3D view, one can save it for later retrieval. This is especially useful for maintaining alignment across multiple snapshots. It's crucial to restore viewpoints with the same vertical exaggeration as when saved to avoid unexpected results.

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