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Removing a Formation License

To remove a Formation license, note the license number in CodeMeter Control Center, execute the removal command in CodeMeter Command Prompt, confirm by generating diagnostic data in Catapult and emailing the zip file, and for installing a new license, follow the provided instructions.

This article explains the steps that need to be taken to remove a Formation license from a computer.

First, get the license number by opening CodeMeter Control Center (either from the Start menu, or the tool tray).

Select the Muk3D Formation license and note the serial number.

Now open CodeMeter Command Prompt (from Start Menu) and type the following command:

Note the double dashes before delete and serial. The serial number is the serial number of the license from CodeMeter Control Center, noted above.

The license should disappear from the CodeMeter Control Center window.

To create confirmation of the license removal, open Catapult and run Tools/Generate diagnostic data, and then email the generated zip file to us.

To install a new license, follow the steps in Installing a Formation license.


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