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Intro to Muk3D online training November 2023

Whether you're a new Muk3D user who wants to start using Muk3D, or know the software inside out and want to automate your workflows, come and join us in online on November 28 and November 30 for one of our training courses.

Introduction to Muk3D

This 2 x half-day course is aimed at new or intermediate Muk3D users and provides a good overview of the tools within Muk3D for importing data, creating basic earth structures and running volumetrics, conceptual design of TSFs, and development of tailings staging plans.

Using one of our sample datasets, participants will cover the following:

  • Importing raw data such as LIDAR, drone survey, satellite survey

  • Creating surfaces and grids

  • Building basic earth structures and undertaking volumetrics

  • Working with aerial imagery

  • Conceptual layout of TSFs

  • Long range planning for TSFs

  • Evaluation of key parameters for tailings planning

  • Modelling of different pond/water management options

  • Basic overview of scripting in Muk3D with Python

While the course does not require that the participant has used Muk3D before, exposure to 3D CAD tools and basic tailings planning is beneficial.

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This course will be led by Carlo Cooper.

Carlo Cooper

Carlo is the founder of MineBridge Software Inc, and is the Regional manager for North America based out of Calgary. He has over 20 years of experience with tailings planning, including over 15 years of experience modelling TSFs with Muk3D.


The cost for attending (2 x half-days) will be $400 CAD excluding GST. A 10% discount will be offered if 3 or more participants are registered from the same company.



This is an interactive training session. All attendees are required to come along with a Windows PC (Windows 10, Windows 11), with the latest version of Muk3D installed. Software downloads can be found at https;// by using your corporate email address.

We will issue training licenses to all attendees a week before the course. Participants are expected to install the training license and verify that it’s working prior to the commencement of the course. If this isn’t done and there are licensing issues that arise during the course, we will only be able to assist you during breaks so as not to disrupt other participants.

Training datasets will also be provided prior to the commencement of the course and all participants must download these and have them available on a letter mapped drive on their computer complying to our requirements.

Refund policy

There are no refunds for training classes if cancelled 7 days or less from the date of the commencement of the training day(s). A credit may be applied toward a future training course. If a refund is provided and it changes the number of participants to below the multi-attendee discount threshold, this adjustment will be accounted for when issuing the refund.

If we are notified that a participant can’t attend less than 7 days from the date of the event, it's permissible to assign the registration to another participant from the same company. In the event that a participant does not attend the course due to extenuating circumstances, it will be at the discretion of MineBridge Software Inc as to how this will be handled.


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