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Muk3D|Formation for Civil Earthworks planning

Updated: Mar 13

For many of our users, Muk3D is a tool that allows them to design and stage Tailings Storage Facilities.  But Muk3D is so much more than that.  Join us on March 20th for a webinar demonstrating how the tools in Muk3D|Formation can help you rapidly develop earthworks plans, do volumetrics, and clearly communicate the results through visualisation.

Over the course of the webinar, we’ll cover:

·         Sourcing and importing publicly available topography and aerial imagery.

·         Develop 3 different road alignments and quantitatively compare them.

·         Develop a plan for surface water management including identifying where overland flows accumulate, and development of stormwater retention ponds.

·         Layout and sizing of stockpiles.

·         Development of more detailed structures.

·         Creating illustrative and informational, high-quality images to aid in the communication of the different design options.

At the conclusion of the webinar, we’ll make available all data used in the demo, along with a tutorial to allow users to work through the design examples at their own pace.

Date & Time

Date: March 20th, 2024

Time: 12pm Mountain Daylight Time (GMT -7)

Duration: 1 hr

Location: Microsoft Teams

Featured Presenter

The webinar will be presented by Sam Rivet from Muk3D (Canada) Inc.  Sam is a Senior Solutions Engineer, based in Calgary, AB, and has a strong background in working with geospatial data as well as experience with large Civil Earthworks projects.  Join Sam as he shares techniques for using the simple, yet powerful tools in Muk3D as he is going through basic design tasks.

Don’t miss the chance to build you skills and understanding of the capabilities of Muk3D|Formation, and learn just how easy it can be to do basic civil earthworks planning.


To register and participate in the webinar, please RSVP here.  Any questions can be directed to


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