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Installing a Network License Update

To install a network license update (*.WibuCmRaU), save the file on the server, drag and drop it onto CodeMeter Control Center for confirmation, run CmDust, and send the log file created for verification. Ensure minimal impact on connected users, but exercise caution when reducing licenses and contact support for troubleshooting before any further actions.

Install the license

If you've had to update network license and have received a license update file (*.WibuCmRaU) please follow these steps to apply the update and verify that it was installed correctly.

  1. Log into the server running the CodeMeter network license.

  2. Open CodeMeter Control Center.

  3. Save the update file on the server.

  4. Drag and drop onto CodeMeter Control Center.  It will confirm that it was applied correctly.

  5. Run Start/CodeMeter/CmDust and send the log file created.  This helps us verify that the correct number of licenses are on the server.

This operation can be undertaken while users are connected to the server without any impact to connected users.  The only instance where this may cause problems is if the number of licenses is being decreased and there are more users connected to the server than the number of licenses that will be present after the update.  In this instance, it is advisable to ensure that the update is done while no users are connected to the network license server.


If any error messages appear please screencap them and email us details. 

Do not remove any licenses or try anything else until you've spoken with our support team.


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