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Setting up End-User to Access Network License

To set up end users for network licensing, install Catapult and enter the license server address in CodeMeter WebAdmin without specifying the port. Verify connectivity by entering the server address in a web browser

If you're using Muk3D with a network license, Catapult only needs to be installed on end user computers. The Catapult licensing file is also only needed for end users.

For new user installations that use a network license, the following needs to be done on the end user computer:

  • Open CodeMeter WebAdmin.  It can be found by going to http://localhost:22350 in a web browser (or click on the link).

  • In CodeMeter WebAdmin, the address of the license server needs to be entered in the Server Search List in the Configuration/Basic/Server search menu.  The server address should just be the name or IP address (e.g. or  The port (:22350) must not be specified in this field.

  • Verify connectivity to the license server from the end user computer by launching a web browser and entering the server address followed by :22350.

e.g. where should be your CodeMeter server name or IP address.


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