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Installing Muk3D

Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1(x64) runtime, CodeMeter, Catapult, and Muk3D for new users, and for existing users, ensure software is up-to-date, and manage licensing as instructed, with Muk3D accessible from Catapult in Start/MineBridge Software/Catapult.

If you've never had Muk3D on your computer

The first package to install is Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1(x64) runtime.  This is needed otherwise Muk3D will be unable to launch and you'll see error messages referencing Windows SxS problems.  This installer can either be downloaded from Microsoft or is included on our download site.

  1. You will need to install CodeMeter which is the license control software we use.  Download links to an installer are provided by MineBridge Software or the latest version can be downloaded from Wibu Systems website. 

  2. Next, install Catapult which is the launcher and license manager for Muk3D.  This is the program that you'll look for in the Start menu to run Muk3D.

  3. Finally install Muk3D.

If you're an existing user of Muk3D

If you've already got CodeMeter and Catapult installed on your computer, its not necessary to update these to run a new version of Muk3D.  We do recommend keeping Catapult up-to-date since there are improved diagnostic tools in newer releases, and the latest version of Catapult will be compatible with the latest CodeMeter versions.

You don't need to uninstall the previous version of Muk3D to install the newest version.  Catapult allows you to have multiple versions installed simultaneously.  We advise that users keep the 2 most recent versions of Muk3D installed (Current version, previous version).


If you have already been using Muk3D on your computer, you'll have a license file installed that will still be valid (unless maintenance has not been renewed, in which case you'll be limited to using your current version of Muk3D and not the latest versions).

For new users or new Muk3D installations, licensing is handled by the license file attached to the download email. It is of the format <some_file_name>.catapult.

If you have been using a trial license on your computer, please remove this first. This is done by going to Licensing >> Remove evaluation license in Catapult.

Save the Catapult license file onto your hard drive, drag onto the open Catapult window and the license will be installed and a confirmation dialog will pop up. If the license fails to install, please contact our support team.

If you receive any error messages please contact us for assistance BEFORE removing any licenses or reinstalling anything. Trial licenses are single use only (can only be installed once per computer).

Getting started with Muk3D

Muk3D is run from Catapult. This program will be located in Start >> MineBridge Software >> Catapult.

If you're a new user of Muk3D, the best way to start is to work through the introductory tutorial in the Muk3D user manual.

To create a demo project in Catapult, choose a demo project dataset from the Create demo project dropdown, choose a name and location for the project files, and hit Ok.


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